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Scuba Diving

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India is a large country with 8000 kilometres of coastline with many islands, both in the Andaman and Arabian Seas. This means that when diving in India, you can expect plenty of amazing dive sites that offer incredible underwater diversity.

Goa, the smallest and richest state on India’s west coast, has easy access to the Arabian Sea. Diving off Goa provides divers with the opportunity to glide over lush coral gardens and pinnacles, as well as dive a variety of shipwrecks. Lakshadweep is a remote archipelago off India's southwestern coast just above the Maldives. Dive sites near Lakshadweep offer colorful reefs, overhangs, swim-throughs and big fish action. The remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, between India and Thailand, boast vibrant coral reefs, huge schools of fish and pristine dive conditions. Pondicherry, on India’s eastern coast, has untouched and largely unexplored reefs and wrecks. A lot of other areas like Cochin, Netrani, Vishakapatnam are coming up big in terms of the diving options they have to offer. Not to mention the major metros have regular pool session and try dive events all year. In this populous country, you’ll find underwater exploration as intriguing as exploring India’s rich heritage and culture.